I'm so glad you've considered me for your portrait and lifestyle needs! It's important for me to provide my clients with beautiful photos they can cherish for years to come as well as a great experience while shooting. If you are worried about outfits & what to wear, no biggie! Ive got you completely covered! Click the Pinterest button below for ideas. To insure quality I only accept a limited amount of sessions per month, so please contact me in advance to make sure we're able to book your appointment! If you haven't done so already please check out my pricing page and LIKE us on facebook to keep in touch!


 I'll capture a collective mix of posed and candid moments. Don't worry about the posing! I will direct you. I will snap enough photos to insure we capture the image count discussed when booking your session. (Please note that not every photo will be pleasing and may be discarded. Some photos may be blurry, eyes closed, weird facial expressions from moving etc. So while you may wonder where such and such pose is in your gallery  note that I have only supplied the BEST images from your session.) If there are any specific photos you want please make sure to mention them! If we're photographing your child- Remember to relax, smile, and enjoy yourself! They will feed off of your cues. This day should be fun and worry free! The biggest thing to remember is that children will be children. They may become bored, rambunctious, silly, or cranky and that's OKAY! I promise I'm not judging you one bit on your silly munchkins!

When booking you'll sign a contract and pay a retainer fee. We'll discuss locations, outfits, and any vision you may have. If you have little ones please consider feeding and napping them prior to the shoot so they can enjoy themselves too. I will keep an eye on the forecast the day of your shoot and contact you if the weather will not be permissible for us to continue with things as scheduled. If we must reschedule due to weather we will work together to find the next best possible date!

Following your session I get rid of any images where there is talking, blinking, movement, etc. After I cull each image is individually hand edited to reflect my style. I edit only the number of images we discussed when booking your session. I do not produce un-edited images to the clients, as my edits reflect my style and my brand.  Up to 2 weeks from the date you select your images you will receive an email with the link to download your gallery and a link to view your gallery. You may purchase prints and products right from the viewing gallery. Part of the reason it takes up to 2 weeks turnaround for a gallery to be finished is in between your session I am editing previous sessions and shooting new sessions. I do not rush through my edits and put a lot of time into making sure you'll be pleased with the images produced.  Sneak peeks are only posted to facebook when I am almost done or I am finished editing your session.